Central European Real Estate Associations Network is a real estate association that brings agents from Central Europe together under one roof. The aim of this organization is to promote the European real estate sector. The members of this organization can share resources. This body provides licenses and credentials as well.

Being part of this association makes you part of a family. It gives various new business opportunities for real estate agents in Europe. It empowers real estate agent to market their listings and themselves worldwide. Members can use CEREAN’s online services to translate their listings in various languages and promote their properties. CEREAN offers a bigger platform for the real estate agents. It helps to promote properties beyond boundaries. The members can reach the global audiences easily.

CEREAN arranges some events every year, creating an opportunity for the members to meet. This gives the members a chance to exchange their knowledge and views on the real estate market. If you are in the real estate business, become a member of CEREAN today.