Lifelog By World Global Network: A Clever Way to Maintaining Your Body’s Wellness

world global network maintain body wellness

A wearable and technology service is the World Global Network which is a new venture started in 2011. The motto of this site is very simple, they just want to promote a healthier lifestyle through the technology. Sounds so wondering? Yeah. I know, but it’s technology my friend so anything is possible here. Here you will find so many products which are really unique. Will you be able to sell those products to others or not? Actually, it is a new process of Multi level marketing so you it will not be too tough for you. Let’s check our review.

In the site, you can be able to get only their products which are offered by the World Global Network.

Health Gadgets By World Global Network

The best product is Helo, which has two versions, i.e, the newest is Helo LX and the Classic. As per the site’s information you can get an app which is “ The Perfect Companion”.

By the help of the software you can get the health indicators and some suggestions based on your activities and habits. Technology is so strong now so you can get your body update like this. Helo tracked all of this and the newest version Helo LX records your steps and heart also this software is able to keep a record of your heart beat. May be the sound is not clear, but it can be used for a good purpose. Isn’t it? You can use this app as a gift, you can present this to someone aged who is close to your hearts or you can give this to your parents.

The next item of product is LifeLog which can give you an appropriate bio profile which sounds is much better than the previous one. This products tracked your life day by day and measurement by measurement. It has a quiet demand in the market as it is available to track heart rates and it has the blood pressure indicators, heart check and breath indicators too.

The best part of this software is you can check your body every day without any trouble. Whenever you want, you can check, even you can compare and analyze your mood and status anytime with your other dates. From this software you can get the tips and feedback too by which you can improve your life. How can you use the product Helo? Its simple just get it and adjust it as per the direction and then it uses several factors for you.

The last product is BioZen launched by the World Global Network. Do you have any idea about the biozen or electrosmog ? If not, it doesn’t matter, here I am going to reveal this. When we use some electronic gadgets , the electronic signals are floating everywhere, so to reduce this we can use this new invention that is the BioZen which is a sticker which put on an electronic device to reduce that problem.

Business Opportunity

If you want to join this WGN then you should know something before joining. If you want to earn from home or start a new business the know some of the best income earning process are known as MLM. Anyway, go through the article you can know some interesting facts about the WGN and the Helo Device. If you want a free business opportunity without investing and the earning is limitless. You can find out several people who are engaged here and earn millions, learn more about it by visiting

World Global Network is the worlds first unique invention which creates the most advanced product which track or monitoring your health conditions. These devices provide you more features than others like Apple or FitBit. The Helo device has some amazing features which compelled you to fall in love with the features. Here are the features I am giving below.

  • The Helo device can Track Calorie Intake
  • It can measure your heart rate
  • Track your steps
  • Perform your EKG
  • Also, it can help you to Measure Breathing rate.

Not only, this Helo device has a remote monitoring function which can be helpful for both you and your loved ones. The other unique benefits of this Holo device is its look with the Helo watch band. It has been proven to provide some healthy benefits. Some unique benefits of Helo watch bands are as follow:

  • It stimulates the blood circulation
  • Helps you to get rid of insomnia and have better sleep
  • Relieves the joint pain.


5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Commercial Real Estate


Things are starting to change in the business industry. Entrepreneurs these days are becoming confident in investing to commercial real estates than the traditional stocks that we are used to. There are a lot of reasons why someone should invest in commercial property. There is a lot of potential in this industry that can bring enormous success. We should take advantage of this situation because this is the future of the business industry. Here are five reasons why you should start investing in commercial real estate.

1. Huge returns

Unlike the stock market, commercial real estate investments can bring more and definite profit. Stocks have the tendency to drop too low that makes your money at risk. If stocks fall, it means you’re out of business. Let me give you an example. If you invest your money to a fitness gym, you can earn more stable income with less risk. We all know that people are starting to be cautious with their fitness. These days more people are going to the gyms than the past few years. More clients mean more money returns.

2. Stable Profits

Investing in a commercial real estate means you are not dependent on any movement of the stocks based on the world market. It solely depends on how well you will do with your business. The stability of your profit depends on you and not anyone else.

3. Tangible Assets

It is known that stock market comes with a lot of risks. You can gain millions today but be bankrupt the next day. That is how unpredictable the stock investment is. If you pursue investing in commercial real estate, you will have an assurance that your money will not be gone overnight. It is a certain asset that you can have. You can have a good night sleep without worrying that you can be poor as a rat come morning when you wake up.

4. Principal Paydown

In the industry of investment, we all know that the risks are high. The principal pay down determines a more positive return on investment as months goes by on a commercial real estate. As tenants pay their rentals every month, the equity increases as well as the money return for the investor.

5. Depreciation

It may sound off, but for commercial real estate investments, it is a powerful tool that can be used to make use of the losses to stabilize the passive income return. The specialists in the field can easily use the depreciation value of the property to their advantage that can result in more profit for the property.

Most of the people cannot see the great deal that commercial property investment can bring. You should think about it, and these five reasons provided above can somehow encourage you to start considering it. It is an excellent investment that can have less risk for the money that you will produce. It’s not easy, but with the right preparation, you can have lots of success through investing in commercial properties.

6 tips on selling commercial properties like gyms or sports facilities


More people are having health issues like diabetes, heart diseases, and obesity. These symptoms can be prevented by exercising regularly. People are concerned about healthy lifestyle more than ever now. They are going to gyms or health clubs to keep them fit. So, the number of gyms, sports facilities, and health clubs are increasing as well to keep up with the demand. This sector is improving.Therefore, investing in this sector will be profitable. Even though there is a huge demand for this kind of business, when you are thinking of selling a gym or similar facility, you will realize that it is not an easy task.

Selling a commercial property is more challenging than selling a home. The appearance of a commercial property is as important as that of the residential property. So, before putting up the ‘for sale’ sign, make sure your property is ‘move in ready.’ There are many things to consider in selling a commercial property like gyms or sports facilities. Here are some tips that can help.

Ensuring the equipment is in good condition

Equipment is the heart of a fitness center. As the days pass, they go through lots of wear and tear. It is evident when you look at the equipment. Equipment is the most valuable asset in your gym. So, you should make sure that it’s in good condition. If needed, you should invest in new equipment.

Size of the fitness center

The size of the gym or fitness center has a huge impact on the value of the property. When someone buys your property, he or she will think of expanding the business. If you are not ready to sell right away, then you can invest in building another facility in a new location. You can also move to a larger property instead of purchase a new property. This will increase the value of your property by many folds when you finally decide to sell the property.

Provide more services

More people are now spending money on fitness clubs. As there is lots of demand for this, you can increase your exercise offerings and have more training classes. This will increase the number of members in your gym or fitness club. So, you will generate more revenue. When you sell the property, you will get a better value.

Form corporate partnerships

Companies are now more concerned about their employees’ wellbeing. So, they often encourage memberships in the gym or other health clubs. In many businesses, you will see that health initiatives are taken; for example, arranging health-related competition. By getting more corporate clients, more revenue will be generated from the business. You can get into a partnership program where you can offer discounted membership opportunities to get more clients, by also recommending them healthy products and supplements. All these add up when deciding on the value of the property.

Client Retention

If you want to have steady revenue, then customer retention is very important. It will increase the value of your business. A major portion of the members wants to renew their memberships the next year. So, you should spend a considerable amount of the marketing of your business to get more customers. You can provide different incentives to your existing clients so that they stay with you for a long tie. If a gym has a good number of long term members, then the buyer will take it as a secure investment.

Hire a commercial real estate agent

There is a huge difference in the way a commercial property is valued compared to a residential property. Importance is given to the income of the property in case of a commercial property. So, you need to provide documentation of the extra income on these properties. You should put together all your documents before you hire a real estate agent. This will help you to sell your property faster. Without an experienced commercial real estate agent, it will be very difficult selling the property by marketing it yourself. A commercial real estate agent is experienced in this field. They will also help you in arranging all the documents and negotiating with the buyer.

These six tips will help you get a better value for your business. You should take these steps six to one year before you put up the property for sale.

Infographic designed and produced by: House Buy Fast

Infographic designed and produced by: House Buy Fast

3 reasons why you should attend networking events


Networking events connect people. They give people the freedom to communicate which is otherwise not possible. Networking is seen as an effective strategy to grow a business. Here are three reasons whey you must attend networking events.

1. Increase visibility

It is an important marketing strategy for your brand. Attending a networking event lets you bring your brand in front of the right people. More people in the industry will know about your brand.


2. Gives opportunities for joint ventures and strategic partnerships

An event can help you make important business decisions. You can grow your business by forming strategic alliance or joint ventures with other companies. You meet new suppliers as well who can solve your problems. You also get to know who the key influencers in the industry are so that you can make a targeted marketing strategy. You can also find the right sales people, accountant, and others at a networking event.

3. Learn and get motivated to move forward

Industry leaders speak a networking event. They share their knowledge, experience and industry trends. They inspire you to do better in your field of work. They share their success stories which motivate you to work harder. They also tell you about the competition and the future of the industry. They give you useful tips that can help you to succeed.

When you attend a networking event you get lots of contacts which may later help you. Whether you need a supplier, an employee or a partner, you can always get back to those contacts and reach the right people. Networking events also give you an excellent opportunity to socialize.

4 tips on becoming a better real estate agent


Lots of hard work and expertise are required to become a good real estate agent. Here are some important tips that can help you to be a better agent.

1. Be good in communication

If you cannot communicate well, you won’t be able to complete a project according to the requirements of your clients. A customer won’t feel at ease if you cannot communicate well. As a real estate agent, you need to stay with the customer consistently.

2. Look got the best interest of the customer

A good real estate agent should see the client’s interest first. Throughout the process, the client must feel happy and supported. A real estate agent usually works on commission basis. So, if the customer gets a good deal, as a real estate agent will get more commission.

3. Be able to adapt to client’s needs

Different customers have different needs. Some customers prefer communicating through email, whereas others through the phone. You should communicate the way the customer feels comfortable.

4. Know about the reason for selling property and the time frame

A good real estate agent will know whether the client is in a hurry to sell the property or wait till he or she gets a good market price. You should work out the strategy according to the customer’s needs. You should also know why the customer wants to sell the property. You should know the motive of buying or selling a house. Is it an investment for the customer or is it going to be his or her home? Knowing answers to these questions will help you decide which strategy to take.

Experience can make you a good real estate agent. You should learn something new from every client and try to improve your approach or service accordingly.